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Capilano Bottle Depot serves southeast Edmonton with convenient returns for beverage containers. 

We pay up to 25 cents per container.

Our Services

We accept all types of beverage containers, from plastic and tetra to glass and aluminum.

Your Visit

Before you bring your containers into our depot, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Get Paid to Save the Environment at Edmonton’s Capilano Bottle Depot

Want to help preserve southeast Edmonton’s natural beauty while putting some cash back in your pocket? Bring your plastic, glass, aluminum and tetra beverage containers to Capilano Bottle Depot for a full refund of your deposit. With one stop, you will reduce landfill use and the energy consumption needed to extract and process raw materials. You’d be amazed at all the uses that these recycled materials have.

Each year, Albertans recycle nearly 1.9 billion containers. We do our part to ensure you have a convenient place to bring your bottles, cans, tetra packs, and more. You’re getting cash back for helping the environment – up to 25 cents per container. How can you say no to that? If you have any questions about what we can take, please give us a call today. We look forward to hearing more from you.

Deposit Values for Containers

Deposit return values for beverage containers are as follows:

  • One Liter or Less: 10 Cents Each
  • Over One Liter: 25 Cents Each
  • All Beer Bottles and Cans: 10 Cents Each

Bring Your Recyclables to Us

Looking for an easy fundraising opportunity for your club, school or sports team? Organize a bottle drive – we welcome large loads! Drop off your containers at our location, just south of Capilano Mall. For your convenience, we’re even open on weekends and holidays! If you are unsure of how to sort your recyclables, please do not hesitate to ask.

Edmonton Bottle Refunds

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