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Bottle Recycling Made Easy in Edmonton, Alberta

The friendly staff at Capilano Bottle Depot is dedicated to making your return process fast, honest and as easy as possible, with a 100% refund on your bottle deposits. We know that environmental responsibility is important to you, and our mission is to empower you in that aim. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about recycling your beverage containers.

Full Refunds

We are proud to offer cash refunds on bottle deposits.

What We Accept

We accept all types of beverage containers, including:

  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Aluminum
  • Tetra

Your depot will:

  • Sort and count your containers
  • Provide an accurate refund
  • Provide a printed receipt at your request


Refunds on Bottle Deposits

Commercial Pickups

If you operate a business that produces a large volume of beverage containers, check with Capilano Bottle Depot to see if they or a charitable partner offer a commercial pickup service.

Donation Programs and Bottle Drives

Many depots work with a wide array of charities and organizations to help raise money for those causes. If you are interested in donating your containers, setting up a donation program or holding a bottle drive, please contact Capilano Bottle Depot.

Event Support

If you are hosting an event in your community, Capilano Bottle Depot may be able to provide you with recycling bins and additional support.

Recycling Non-Refundable Containers

Many similar containers (including soup, broth, baby formula, yogurt, concentrates, and other food products) are NOT eligible for a refund but are still recyclable through your local municipal recycling program. Please check with Capilano Bottle Depot if you are unsure whether a refund applies to a container or contact the Beverage Container Management Board online.


Aluminum Cans
Plastic Containers
Glass Containers
Refillable Glass Beer Containers
Polycoat, Juice and Milk Cartons
Bi-Metal Containers
Paper Board
Bag n Box

Capilano Bottle Depot serves southeast Edmonton with convenient returns for beverage containers. 

We pay up to 25 cents per container.

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