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Recycling Facts

Curious About Where the Recycled Containers Go?

What do we do with all the recycled containers? Each single container might seem like a small thing, but over time, recycling beverage containers can add up. On average, Albertans recycle almost 1.9 billion containers each year. That helps conserve 390,000 cubic meters of landfill space annually.

Recycled Containers

Every beverage container you return is recycled
and used in the manufacture of many commercially useful products.

Aluminum Cans

Become new aluminum cans

Plastic containers

Used in the manufacture of new plastic containers or plastic products.

Glass Containers

Used in fibreglass insulation

Refillable Glass beer Containers

Can be reused up to 15 times

Polycoat, Juice, and Milk Cartons

Converted to paper pulp and cardboard

Bi-Metal Containers

Used for scrap metal that becomes construction rebar

Capilano Bottle Depot serves southeast Edmonton with convenient returns for beverage containers. 

We pay up to 25 cents per container.

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